SLC Con Quest Givers to be at CONduit

SLCC Quest Givers Logo
The Quest Givers will be at this years local and long running CONduit - Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Con. Our event is smaller so they are looking forward to doing some different kinds of quests, maybe even multilevel ones. Also there will be an awesome kid con there with a bunch of kid related quests from the quest givers as well.

Food options at the International Center

Ace Detective and Seeker of Hidden lore, Erin Ruston, has returned from the burning sands of the interweb desert and brought back lore of untold value. When last CONduit was held at the Airport Hilton (now Doubletree), one of the issues was the lack of food in the nearby area. Time cures all ills, so they say, and again the saying proves true. Below are a list of nearby food options for weary convention goers.

C25 Boxed Lunch Specials

Save yourself the time and headache of going out from the convention for lunch or dinner by grabbing a boxed lunch from the convention itself. Each boxed lunch we sell helps keep CONduit running for another year. Due to limitations you will need to select at least one of each type of sadwich you want for each day and select add to cart on the proper days. Once that is done you can change the quantity for each day. Use the continue shopping button to return to this page, and the View Cart button to return to the cart for checkout.

Game Day Location

CONduit Game Day

This year we are please to announce that we will be holding our 2nd annual CONduit Game Day. On November 1st we will be gathering for a day of intrigue, excitement, and adventure. Whether you enjoy a great board game like descent or, a want to try out an RPG like Call of Cthulhu, Game Day is the place to enjoy it with friends from years past, and to make new friends.

Here is the location information about Game Day.