Game Day Volunteers

Why Volunteer

Game Day is a celebration of gaming, without people committed to bringing, running, and coordinating the event, it would never take place. I

We are fully booked up for GM's and Board Game Liaisons and thank everyone for their help.

Things to do at Game Day


Game Day is only as successful as the volunteers that run the games can make it. To volunteer to GM/DM a game use the Gameday volunteer form to contact us. For 8 hrs of DM/GMing you get a free tshirt and free entrance to the GameDay.

Game day will run from 8:30a - 11p. There should be games starting every hour or so that people can come and join in. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starwars, and more will be available.
Magic the Gathering drafts will occur throughout the day with a Modern tournament starting later in the day.