Upcoming CONcom

The countdown has started. C25 is likely less then a year away. We are looking for input into many aspects of CONduit. Join us each month as we progress toward CONduit 25: There and Back Again.

May CONcom Minutes

Westercon events
Micro-short story contest - George
Dresden Files LARP Playtest - Erin
SLC Fandom/Con going in the mountains 101 - Erin, Pam, John
Ice Cream Social - Cheryl
Room Party - everyone
MtG Tourney - Derek

CONduit title for Westercon - An Unexpected Journey

Hotel 2015 - Doubletree Memorial Day weekend?

Guests 2015 - Tentative yes, need to confirm once hotel and Date are nailed down
Brandon Sanderson
Larry Nemececk
Gaming and/or Artist - brainstorm