Another Notch in the belt

As the weekend draws to a close we want to take a moment to thank all of our guests, volunteers, and members who made CONduit 23 Memorable.

Guests of Honor

Thanks to Alexis Cruz, for sweeping in at the last moment and pulling off a wonderful upset. Most of the people I spoke with had only great things to say about the panels you were on, and that you were shorter in person. >_

Media Room Schedule

CONduit Reminders from the Chair

The con itself:

May 24th-26th - Downtown Radisson SLC


Don't forget to pre-reg online. We've extended online pre-reg until May 5th. We will take the last in-person pre-registrations at the concom meeting on May 12th. You save money by going through pre-reg. Also, group discounts (the $30 per person for 10 people or more thing) MUST be done through pre-reg. We cannot accept it at the door.