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CONduit Reminders from the Chair

The con itself:

May 24th-26th - Downtown Radisson SLC


Don't forget to pre-reg online. We've extended online pre-reg until May 5th. We will take the last in-person pre-registrations at the concom meeting on May 12th. You save money by going through pre-reg. Also, group discounts (the $30 per person for 10 people or more thing) MUST be done through pre-reg. We cannot accept it at the door.

CONduit Media Guest of Honor

I have both good news and bad news in this area.

Bad News (at least for us)
Larry Nemecek will not be joining us for this year's CONduit. He fell into a very good paying gig over the top of our weekend. Congrats to Larry!

Good News
Alexis Cruz of Stargate and Stargate SG1 fame will be joining us instead. Alexis is a great guy who has an acting background, is an avid gamer, and would love for us to become fans of his new graphic novel. Welcome to Alexis!