Conduit 25 Game Master Requests

Each year CONduit gaming strives to bring something for everyone at the convention. This does not happen without support from gamers throughout the region. We are currently looking for GM's to run games, and a couple volunteers to man tournaments for the convention. If you would like to run a game at conduit please fill out the below form, and we will get in touch with you to confirm scheduling.

CONduit Media Guest of Honor

I have both good news and bad news in this area.

Bad News (at least for us)
Larry Nemecek will not be joining us for this year's CONduit. He fell into a very good paying gig over the top of our weekend. Congrats to Larry!

Good News
Alexis Cruz of Stargate and Stargate SG1 fame will be joining us instead. Alexis is a great guy who has an acting background, is an avid gamer, and would love for us to become fans of his new graphic novel. Welcome to Alexis!