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Dealers Room


All Booths for CONduit 23: Dark Guilds of CONduit, are currently filled / pending. To be added to the waiting list Click here


Dealers for CONduit Gameday 2013

Locations are limited for Dealers at Game Day with only 6 tables set aside for vendors, we are looking for dealers who compliment gamers, and our unique market share. Tables are 25.00 for a 6'x8' section. Map will be coming soon.

--Dealers from CONduit 23:


Corporeal Creations
Ghost Lilly Jewelry
Celtic Bazaar
Fridge Crisis Games
Walls of text
The Zombie Nation
Starry Night Books
Gypsy Moon
Tandy Leather
Not A Villain: A Webcomic
Cold Fusion Media
Authors Corner
Holland Hearts and Hands
Banned Sorcery
Metallic Visions
5th Street Games
Kelly Emporium
A Charmed Life SLC


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