How do we qualify for a group rate?

  • The group rate is available by pre-registration only. One person from the group will gather all the registration information and payment for all members of the group attending the convention. One payment will be sent, not individual payments. If you are interested in the group rate of $5.00 off current registration prices, then contact our registration department using the contact us form.

What rate do I qualify for?

  • On the borderline for moving into a higher rate? The rate you pay is your age at the time you register, not your age at the time of the convention. So if you are on that borderline, be sure to pre-register and get the lower rate!

Gift memberships

  • Information coming soon!

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  • All costumes should be pg rated, while some people may enjoy showing up in Slave Leia outfits, we feel that CONduit is a family friendly atmosphere and anything more risqué is prohibited.

Hall Contest vs Masquerade

  • The costume for Masquerade should be revealed at that time, and not worn earlier. This preclude a person from entering that costume into the hall competition, which runs Saturday throughout the day.
  • Winners of the Hall Costume Contest are announced during an intermission of the Masquerade, and you need to be wearing the hall costume, so the simple logistics prohibit dual competition, though wearing costumes is encouraged all weekend.

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  1. ALL weapons or weapon-like accessories must be presented to security for peace bonding. This includes plastic and foam weapons of all styles.
  2. Security will peace bond with
    • zip-ties which prevent the weapon from being drawn - this is used for bladed, and realistic guns or missile weapons that may look real and are contained in a sheath or casing.
    • a bright (usually orange) tie that easily identifies it as peace bonded.
  3. By having your item peace bonded, you agree that you will not wield it in any threatening or unsafe matter. This means you will not swing it around or act as if you are going to attack someone, and that it will, in general, remain at your side in a neutral position. Guns SHALL NOT be pointed at anyone or anything, regardless of whether it is a toy, a replica, etc. The same for any missile weapons (crossbows, bows, etc).
    In the event that someone asked about photo opportunities, locate a quiet corner, or a designated photo area to pose for the photo, then return weapons to neutral position (guns should never be pointed at anyone).
    Weapons intended for use in masquerade must be cleared through masquerade director, and carried directly to green room and back to non-convention space unless peace-bonded by a representative of security.
  4. Failure to comply with weapons policies will result in action being taken by security which may include warnings and up to or including removal of weapon or person from the convention.
  5. YOU are responsible for your weapon. That means that if someone else takes your weapon and wields it in an unsafe manner, you are still responsible and may find yourself answering to the above consequences along with the person who took your weapon. If you cannot properly safeguard your weapon, please do not have it in convention space.

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