Media Room

Why not take a break from the con and revel in great sci-fi / fantasy films with others who enjoy the same media you do.

Friday Saturday Sunday
Time Title Description
10:30 AM Transformers: The Movie (1980s animated) Want to help CONduit get set up, but have children, or perhaps spouses, with nothing else to do? Bring them down early and have them visit the media room for our special pre-con screening of the 1980's Transformer Movie. Or perhaps you'd just like to see this classic cartoon yourself. Optimus Prime and Megatron battle for the fate of Earth, while the planet-eating Unicron is on track to destroy the Transformers' home world of Cybertron.
12:00 PM Condorman The CONduit Media Room officially kicks off with this spy/superhero spoof. Woody, a comic-book artist, is asked by a friend in the CIA to deliver some papers to a Russian agent, the lovely Natalya, in Istanbul, then is asked to help that agent defect. With the help of the CIA, Woody takes on the persona of his comic book superhero, Condorman, to help Natalya escape the KGB agents sent after her.
1:30 PM Asterix the Gaul In the first animated adaptation of the French comic series, the druid Panoramix is captured by the Romans in an attempt to discover the secret of the Gauls' magic potion that provides them with super-human strength. Can Asterix outwit the Roman general and rescue the druid and save his village?
2:30 PM Buck Rogers: The Plot to Destroy a City Buck Rogers goes undercover as Raphael Argus, a hardened killer, to infiltrate the Legion of Death and thwart their plans to destroy New Chicago, the capitol of Earth.
4:00 PM Terra Nova: Genesis The pilot episode of the short-lived series. In the year 2149, the Earth is dying, and humanity's only hope lies in the past-- a portal that takes people 10 million years back to the time when dinosaurs dominated the planet. The Shannon family seeks refuge in the colony of Terra Nova.
5:45 PM The Sea Hawk Errol Flynn, the epitome of the swashbuckler, stars in this movie as Geoffrey Thorpe, an English Privateer, and his piratical attacks against the Spanish fleet. One of the classic swashbuckler pirate movies of all time, and an inspiration to many of the pirate films that came after.
7:45 PM Sing-along with Dr. Horrible Come see Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, and sing along. We screen the film with subtitles, and encourage the audience to sing along with Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible, Penny, and the rest as Dr. Horrible attempts to gain entry into the Evil League of Evil, defeat his nemesis, and win the heart of the girl at the laundromat.
8:30 PM Star Wars The 1977 Theatrical Release. Not Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, just 'Star Wars', as it was originally seen in the theater, unedited (or, as some would say, 'untampered with') by Lucas in any of the special/ultimate/revised editions of the show. Come and see Star Wars as it was originally seen 36 years ago, in a theater not so far away.
10:30 PM Kung Fu Friday part 1: Ip-Man Based on historical events, Ip-Man follows the story of the founder of Wing Chun Kung Fu from a prosperous martial arts instructor to a poverty-striken and oppressed individual under the rule of the Japanese in the pre-World War II occupation of China.
12:15 AM Kung Fu Friday part 2: Ninja Assassin Our second Martial Arts feature in 'Kung Fu Friday': A young ninja turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan.