Miniature Painting Contest

Skill Levels*

Beginner- New to Painting, Entered into a few contests, have won no awards
Advanced- Won awards for painting, but no first place awards.
Expert- Have received first place award and/or best of show or category type awards.


  • Single figure – Modified.- In addition to the quality and skill of painting, the skill and effectiveness of figure modification will be considered. The entry must include at least a description of the modifications. “Before” photos or catalog cut outs would be most welcome.
  • Tiny- Special consideration to be and category for the special problems of extremely small scale of familiars and micro scale armor.
  • Large Figure and/or Dragon- In gaming terms, this would be figures taking up over 2 squares of hexes. I hope to have enough entrants to split the category.
  • Squad- 2 to 6 figures.
  • Army- 6+ figures. You may load up any combination of figures and vehicle into a 11” x 15" x 4-3/4" volume Accommodations will be made for those needing their armies for tournament play, to be set up at the time of entry.
  • Giant/robot/vehicle/other- If there are enough entrants we will split the category. May be combine with Large Figure and/or Dragon.

*we reserve the right to regroup participants and catagories depending upon the number and quality of entrants.