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Past artists

These are artists who have shown at the CONduit Art Show in the past. Many of them return every year, and we look forward to seeing all of them show here again.

Name Site Notes, style(s)
Blair & Mitzi Bartlett Haven Art Studio  
Alan Beck  
Dana Bell   Sculpture
Amberly Berendson Humorous, voluptuous, devious femme fatales
Bobbie Berendson Metallic Visions Jewelry, masks, and 2D art
Camille Berthelot Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk
Jolie Bonnette  
Marilyn Alice Boyle Fantasy art, unicorns, pegasus
Margaret Carspecken  
Peri Charlifu Ceramics, often with fantasy themes, as well as photomanipulation
Alan M. Clark Fantasy, science fiction, fantastical landscape, humor
Lisa Snellings Clark  
Sarah Clemens Magnus & Loki, fantasy art
Douglas Cootey   Fantasy
Chris Dame   Fantasy, anime-style
Meredith Dillman Fantasy, fairies
Jessica Douglas official site,
Jaimee Fox   Jewelry
Badhead Gadroon  
Amy Gillespie Digital, fractals
Brian C. Hailes Artist Guest of Honor
Fantasy, horror, hyper-realism, pencils
Ina Jane Harvey Fantasy
Hibbary Fantastical creatures, dragons, anthropomorphic creatures
Joe Hovey   Stone & glass chess sets
James Humble
Humble Studios Sculpture, fantasy, science fiction, Cthulhu
Abranda Icle The Art of Abranda Icle Fantasy, fairies, dragons
Robert James Megalaros  
Rebecca Jensen Silversong Fantasy, Asian, illustrations
Kent Jeppsen   Cute, anthropomorphic
Hing Kei or Illustration, high fantasy, humorous
Jessica Ann Kiel 3D, bronze
Ian King Fantasy, science fiction, CG
Johnna Y. Klukas Wooden rockets, handmade wooden boxes, sculpture
Heidi Kneale   World Horror Convention theme music (print shop)
Tabitha Ladin fantasy, science fiction, surreal, weird/horror
Adele Lorienne or Fantasy art
Kathleen Lowe, Fantasy, medieval, dragons
David Luperti Landscape photography.
Brenda Lyons Watercolor, fantastical birds, griffons
Mael Fantasy, urban fantasy, gothic
Kerry Maffeo Fantastic Visions Minature sculpture, crystals, dragons, digital art, fantasy
Theresa Mather Rock, Feather, Scissors Feather & rock paintings, dragons, general fantasy
Patricia McCracken Official gallery fantasy, dragons, Japanese/Chinese styles, watercolor
Erika McGinnis Fantasy, science fiction, surreal
Betsy Mott Licensed fantasy and science fiction character art
Joe Mueller Official site Licensed fantasy and science fiction character art
Melia Newman Celtic, art noveau, cats, cute
Mai Nguyen (Moifa) ASFA page Chinese-style watercolor, silk painting, Eastern fantasy.
George Parmenter Fantastical creatures, surreal, fantasy
Ruth Peterson    
Rose Pratt Fantasy photography
Arthur Roberg  
Mark Roland Fantasy etchings, paintings and mixed media
Ralph J. Ryan   Science fiction, spacescapes
Jose Sanchez ASFA Gallery Science fiction, digital, weird creatures
Angela Sasser  
Alexandra Sforza deviantArt Steampunk jewelry
Brian Paul Smuin Broken Soul Studios  
Brandy Stark Stark Images Sculpture, jewelry
Cristina Steele silvertales fantasy, horror, anime style, pen & ink, humor
Billy Tackett Billy Tacket Studios horror, zombie, humor
Ruth Thompson Tarnished Images Fantasy, dragons
Tiffany Toland Tiffany's Realm Fantasy, gothic, steampunk
Dineh Torres    
Virgil Visions (Jim Belfiore) Nostalgic science fiction, humor
Amanda Wallace Anthropomorphic/Furry, anime-style,
Kevin Wasden Wasden Fine Art fantasy, science fiction, Technosaurs, Hazzardous Universe
Bryan Wickham  
SL Wickham  
Bridget E. Wilde Cute, anime-style, lotsa cat girls and other morphs
Lubov Yegudin Fantastical creatures and vistas, phantasmagoria

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