Calling all Creative Souls

Public service announcements are a piece of pop culture that anyone can work on. Movie trailers even more so. Grab the camera, get some friends and submit yours now!
CONduit is seeking submissions for the CONduit 25 Trailer / PSA Competition.

I.Videos must meet one of the following categories. Each category
will have a prize for 'original' and 'mash-up'.
A. Movie/TV Trailer
B. Commercial/Informercial (i.e. Tribble repellent)
C. Recruitment Ad (i.e. Join Starfleet or Join the 7th Fleet club)
D. Fictional Political Campaign (i.e. Palpatine for Chancellor)
E. Public Service Announcement (i.e. Dangers of Transporter Travel)
II.Mash-ups are defined as altering existing videos in some fashion to create a new trailer. (i.e. making a 'horror' version of Snow White)

III.Original videos may use some existing content (background music,
short clips of video, etc.), but no mor than 25% of the video may be
from existing content.
IV. Videos must be in DVD format and between 1-3 minutes in length,
excluding credits..
V. Videos must be G-rated, but do not have to source G-rated material.
(i.e. Showing G-rated clips from The Matrix would be considered

VI.Entrants must be teams of 1-3 people, not including actors or
background extras. All participants should be credited in the video
VII. All entries will be shown at CONduit, in the media room. Schedule
will be posted in the program book.
VIII. Any non-original material must be sourced, either in the credits
or in physical copy.
VIIII.All entries must be received by May 1st, and include the name(s)
of the creators..
IX. Contestants do not need to be present at CONduit to win, but they
must provide contact information, if they are unable to be at the
awards ceremony.

More information including submission process coming soon.