As much as many of us would love to believe, Conduit does not run on pixie dust and dreams. CONduit is looking for great people to help make the convention happen. Come join us for fun and rewards by volunteering some hours during the con. We have many exciting opportunities to help in such areas as security, registration, and operations. Help us help you to make this a smooth running and fun time for all. To volunteer, visit the Contact us page and select "Volunteers" as the category when sending your information.

With some requirements, volunteers pay a significantly lower rate for attending the convention. It is the same rate the people who spend the year planning the convention pay, so its not an unreasonable rate.


Occasionally a department head position will need to be filled.  
Marketing - Coordinate our advertising through social media, flyers, booths at other events, etc.
Events - Coordinate at-con events such as cosplay contests, masquerade, short story contest, scavenger hunts, quest givers, etc.
Department Heads: To Apply for one of those positions click here

Each year there are other positions that need to be filled throughout the convention.
To apply for one click here and select the department to contact

Current Openings

  • Operations
  • All Call:

    Department Heads:
    Marketing - Coordinate our advertising through social media, flyers, booths at other events, etc.

    Duty Heads:
    Art Show - Recruit artists to show, recruit volunteers to set-up/tear-down/man the show, handle sales, etc.
    Security - Recruit, schedule, and coordinate the convention's red shirts.
    Registration - Recruit and manage the staff for the at-con registrations.

    Operations - At-con folks who make things run.
    Game Masters - This includes folks who run role-playing games, TCG/CCG games, board game demos, and wargaming.
    Panelists - If you have something you want to present to the convention. Topics include, but aren't exclusive to - fanclubs, writing skills, current sf/f films and tv, video games, table top games, fan culture, etc.
    Security Team - Security is there to not only enforce convention rules, but to ensure the safety of people in convention space. This team includes our medical team, so EMTs and those with First Aid certs are encouraged to join.
    Art Show - Set up, tear down, and man our art show.
    Registration - Man the registration desk to get our attendees in as efficiently as possible.

    Fan Clubs:
    Room Parties - We would love to see the room parties continue and will include these in the program book.
    Panels - Programming is working on including panels about our fan clubs, due to lack of hall space for hall tables.