Art Show

The CONduit Art Show continues to be one of the best in the Intermountain West, and we'll have a variety of excellent art for you to see this year. Please be sure to come by to vote for your favorite in the People's Choice Award, and find some excellent artwork to grace your walls and shelves—we have 3D art in the show! We're also on Facebook, and you're welcome to join our group there.

CONduit 25: There and Back Again will be held May 22-24, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We generally have 500-900 members. We strongly recommend you not send art that is more than PG-13 rated or overtly sexual in nature as we are in a conservative and family oriented culture. We will not hang art that does not meet those standards, and we reserve the right to make this judgment call on a case-by-case basis.

Artists are welcome at CONduit events. Please note that purchase of art panels does not include a membership to the convention.

If you are an artist or artist's agent and wish to receive announcements about the art show via email, please fill out the small form on the left (Art Show Announcements). Please note that your email address will never be sold to or shared with anyone without your permission, and only announcements from the art show director will be sent out on the mailing list. We don't like spam, either.

← All artists participating in the show (whether in person or via mail) are strongly encouraged to read all of the art show pages carefully.